The Life of Christ
in Words and Pictures

Jesus, Son of God, Son of Mary     
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picture of JesusThe Life of Christ 

in Words and Pictures 

This cartoon series has been published in nine parts. Each part forms a natural grouping of Gospel stories, ideal for personal reading and for use in parish newsletters, in university chaplaincy groups, prisons, youth service, children's liturgy, schools, with the housebound and the hard-of-hearing. We are sure you will think of other uses!

The Wedding Feast of Cana


The books are slim A4 paperback volumes, a joy to handle and read.


The books are aimed at adults and young people rather than the very young. The text may be read and reflected upon by individuals but its prime purpose is to be read aloud and discussed, dramatised in groups and in Masses, thrown wide open for debate. Most importantly, its purpose is to inspire us by helping us to get to know Jesus as a human being like ourselves and by making that vital link between how we live our lives today and the message of the Gospels

picture of Jesus in rags


Every week, we have a chapter each of Books 1 to 6 online for you to read, moving through the books in sequence. Books 7 to 9 have only just been published (November 2017), and are currently reserved for print only. In the meantime, do dip in!

Read the latest chapters here

John the Baptist baptising Jesus. He says: Send us your freedom, Lord! Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord!


Any surplus made from the sales of this publication will be sent to the Rural Libraries Project in Cajamarca, Peru which Fr John Medcalf established over 35 years ago. We very much hope you want to support them too. See information about the project here in a Spanish language blog (there is a Google translation button). Sarah’s Rural Libraries is a way to donate directly to them. If you do, please add the code JSOG after your name, so we know you got there from here.


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